Now Enjoy All-Organic Wines On A Private Gazebo At Sevilla

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While we’ve seen a drastic shift to healthy eating in the city, drinking’s taken a backseat. Sevilla’s clearly looking to change that with a vast menu of hand-picked organic wines from small family estates in France.

What Is Organic Wine?

Organic wine is essentially wine made from organically grown grapes, and without any chemicals. They take much longer to prepare and more effort, but in-house sommelier at The Claridges, Judith Sciarone, claims that these wines taste cleaner and don’t cause headaches.

They do get you buzzed though, don’t worry.

What Should I Start With?

Our personal favourite was a white wine from Muscadet, made by Vincent Caillé. Called Je T’aime Mais Jai Soif {meaning ‘I love you but I’m thirsty’}, it was a super light, super smooth, easy to drink wine which went well with the Quinoa Salad and mushroom appetiser served to us, but we can reckon this would go with anything light really.

For a more full-bodied experience, the Haute Cote De Fruit by Fabien Jouves from Cahors might be a better option. Pair these with those meats.

So, We're Saying...

If you’re making legit changes to eat healthy, drinking should be on your radar too, and these wines are great for those who don’t want to give up on the joys of alcohol.

PS: We tried these ourselves and are thrilled to report that even after some six glasses of wine, there was no trace of a drinking night the next morning. Could this be the end of hangovers?


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