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Start 2018 On The Right Note: Make Your Resolutions On Origin One's To Do Deskpad

What Makes It Awesome

Origin One is what, in my humble opinion, a well-designed product epitomises - impeccable quality, finish, packaging and detail. I've been buying stationery and prints from them ever since they launched, and with every passing collection, their products keep getting better. From their small checklists to their beautifully crafted pencils, notebooks and diaries, to even something as mundane as a sticker - the most basic objects are made to feel luxe. They're like the Nappa Dori of stationery to me {though Nappa Dori too has a lovely collection of stationery}; yes it's more expensive than the 100 rupee note pad you're using. But it's so worth it! I bought their Christmas cards last year, which was a big hit amongst my friends. Their new collection features these really cool brown paper postcards and xoxo cards as well, which continues to be minimal, elegant and really well made. Their packaging is basically their crowning glory; I feel like I order stuff from them just to open that hipster looking pizza box which contains my loot for the month.

What's My Pro Tip?

Want to get your 2018 organised? We hear ya! The tall To Do Deskpad is giving us some serious organisation goals! Get yours at an LBB Specials and jot down everything from your worklist, grocery shopping requirements to tasks you gotta get ahead on.

Where Can I Get Them?

Sign up for their stationery subscription boxes. You get A LOT for how much you pay. They're available online, and also have a really cool space in Anand Niketan which you should check out. I have mindlessly bought presents for friends, a stash of notepads for the office and pencils to fill up an empty glass on my desk. So head over to their store and website with care!

Anything Else?

You know that saying- sometimes it's not about what you need, but about what you want? That applies to Origin One. Check out their website to browse through their stuff { }