Things To Do In Gurgaon To Get You Through The Day

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It is our sneaking suspicion that underneath all that dust, Gurgaon is very, very cool, which is why we decided to jot down all the exciting new services and adventures that begin {and sometimes end} in G-town, even though we know it’s hard to keep up with.

7.30am | Try Some Yoga

Right, this is bright and early, we admit, but if you’ve barely scraped by Wednesday and are pondering tinkering with the Theory of Relativity to include a special clause about how to hang in there until the weekend finally arrives, this might just be it. Check out LBB’s list of yoga classes in Gurgaon to find a morning class near you.

12.30pm | Time For Lunch

You either made it to your yoga class, or you didn’t. If you did, you deserve some special tummy loving. If you didn’t and are beating yourself up about it, you still deserve some tummy loving. From the many lunch services available in Gurgaon, we’d go for Yumist, because comfort food seems to be the order of the day {just make sure you or a friend have an Android device!}.

For the whole lowdown from LBB, click here. If you’re in the mood for something else, check out LBB’s list of Gurgaon’s delish lunch delivery services here.

4.30pm | Tea Time

Yes, it’s true; most of our happiness revolves around the F&B department. After a hot, comforting lunch, there are few things you need as little of as the Chief Bane of Office Life, otherwise known as the tea machine. We suggest stocking up on your favourite hand-picked tea leaves blended with all-natural infusions from Tea Trunk.

Read more about them here. If you can sneak away for an hour, how about a brainstorming session with a cup of masala chai at Another Fine Day café?

7pm | Take Care Of Household Stuff

No matter how much we try, something is always broken {in the household appliances department, we mean}. We believe that a perfect day involves ticking off that niggling household problem; ah, productivity! Schedule a home visit with a home-repair professional via Mr. Right {and time it around when you’re going to be home}.

Have you been meaning to make the switch to all-organic everything for a while but haven’t got any time for food shopping? We recommend a trip to Gurgaon’s favourite food stores, and you can start here. Get that dripping AC fixed, catch up on your grocery list, and move on to the next phase of your evening!

8.30pm | A Night Of Comedy

We recommend heading to Manhattan for their weekly stand-up comedy night, which, from experience, tends to go on until 10-ish pm. A few craft beers, a few giggles, and we’re all set.

The Gurgaon comedy scene is slowly, but surely, taking off; check out some of the city’s best acts here.

10.30pm | A Final Treat To End The Day

We trust you’re a good few nibbles and an equal number of pints down. Good! To wash away your sins for the day, make a quick pit-stop at Prince Paan {of GK fame} on Golf Course Road. Not that you need to know more, but if you do, get the lowdown here.

Good night Gurgaon, we’ll see you tomorrow!


Nothing makes Aditi happier than good shampoo, good design, evolutionary theory and a spicy Bloody Mary. A Bombay girl to begin with, she’s made a home in New York, Glasgow, Singapore and London over the last ten years. After a one-day career in hand modelling {true story} and a much, much longer stint in brands & advertising, Aditi is all set to make the most of her Delhi/NCR chapter.