Have You Tried These Gourmet Toasties & Soft Serve Ice-Cream?

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What Makes It Awesome

Breakfast lover, sweet tooth or just someone who believes in the supremacy of the classic toastie, if you haven't made your way to this place yet, you're missing out.

Over Easy's the new in town spot which we know we'll keep going back to, especially on our cheat days. On the menu, you'll find an array of toasties, with the option to go for savoury or sweet (we'll be picking both.) Savoury picks include avocado toast, mushrooms, chilli cheese (our favourite) and fancier ones with truffle, glazed ham and braised lamb. Onto the sweet picks, you can get an apple pie toastie, mango brioche toast, Nutella & banana toastie and a ton more. The soft serve sundaes are super indulgent and if you're a coffee lover, get the tiramisu sundae, you won't be sorry. You could stick to the classics, too, like the banana split, cookies & cream, éclair sundaes, with freshly baked choux pastry. 

They also have thick shakes like the coffee, cookies & cream, banana, salted caramel & biscoff, and summer berry. Need a quick treat? You can get the soft serve by itself, too, but we'd insist you get the sundae. 

After a long, long day of shopping, we can't think of a better way to end our trip to the mall than with childhood nostalgia (but elevated.)

Price: Toasties start at INR 245


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