Order Meaty Thin Crust Pizzas From Here Till 4 In The Morning

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Owl Is Well starts delivering at 6pm and goes on till 4 in the morning. Their menu is a delish mix of pasta, burgers and pizza with fun names like Alice In Wonderland and Spill The Beans.


They pride themselves on their wood-fired gourmet pizzas and for good reason. We suggest you go through their menu even if you already have your pizza needs all figured out.

Choose from the likes of Prince Of Porkisia {cured German-style pork pepperoni}, Smoke & Mirrors {spicy BBQ chicken} and The Lamb Borghini {no points for guessing what goes on this one!} They come in two sizes {12 inch and 16 inch}; think ahead and get the bigger one, we say. The crust is paper-thin and they sprinkle their topping generously.

Got A Hangover?

Order a burger {why didn’t anyone tell us this before?}. Owl Is Well claims to have The Hangover Cure- a mix of BBQ chicken, coffee-glazed bacon, candied jalapenos and a ‘special’ sauce. We’re not even complaining if the hangover doesn’t completely go away. Yum.

They also have pasta, chilli dogs and chicken and fish buckets!

So, We're Saying...

When the clock strikes six, get yourself some meaty grub. We think it’s so worth it.