Cyber Hub Has A Fancy Paan Kiosk We Never Knew About



    After a heavy dinner {and multiple rounds of drinks}, chomping down on meetha paan is always refreshing. Banaaras at Cyber Hub serves over 29 types of paan as well as an assortment of mouth-fresheners that you can pick up on your way out.

    Ask For Magai

    Depending on availability, Banaaras’ signature paan is the one rolled in super thin Magai leaves. I wasn’t lucky enough to try it when I visited but there are lots more options on the menu in any case.

    In addition to traditional paan {meetha, sada}, Banaaras whips up fruit paan in flavours like Mango, Kiwi, Orange, Blueberry, and Sugarcane. They also have a huge variety of chocolate paan – Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, Hershey’s and Mars.

    Things Pa{a}nned Out Quite Well

    I ordered the Mango paan, in an attempt to experiment without going overboard – I’m not the biggest paan fan and betel isn’t my best friend. The paan at Banaaras is served in a martini glass, on ice, and I knew why as soon as I ate it – wipe down your sticky fingers on the ice and no one has to know that you’re a messy paan eater.

    I also really enjoyed the paan and might be persuaded to make bolder choices next time I’m in Cyber Hub.