By Stuti Manchanda

Located in the political powerhouse neighbourhood of the capital, Paandey’s paan is the official supplier to the President, and has been so since the first president took seat in independent Indian in 1947. In fact, the establishment dates all the way back to 1943, and has been serving politicians for over 70 years now. From Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru to Narendra Modi, the owner is seen posing with many, on the frames that adorn the walls. Not to forget, the great artist Saeed Jaffrey took training for his role in ‘Chashme Badoor’ at Pandey’s Paan!

The paan heaven boasts about 50 varieties of different flavoured paans, with about fifteen different flavours in various renditions of chocolate. Try the ‘Blaster 200′ – chocolate and mint that melts in your mouth. Pandey’s paan also stocks a diet paan {hello to our fitness regimes}. The paans all come wrapped in shiny coloured wrappers – pink, blue, golden, green, red – making sure you’re spoilt for choice, as you browse through all the labels.

Also providing tobacco less versions, the extensive menu lists some lip smacking flavours – Strawberry, Cranberry Sweet Paan, Brownie Walnut, Wild Blueberry, Custard Apple, Black forest Sweet Paan {weekend special}, Kiwi, Musk Melon, Sweet Paan with dried fruit, Fresh Fruit Paan, to name a few. As for some interesting nomenclatures, 4th Idiot Sweet Paan, Overtake Sweet Paan {less sweet/ sandal fragrance}, Pina Colada, Anjir Sweet, Chilgoja, Chiggy Wiggy Minty Sweet Paan – all pretty much have your name written on them, by virtue of their branding.

Flanked by South Indian grocery stores on either side, there store has an ice cream freezer like box on the frontline, guarding some pretty sweet secrets. Keeping in mind customer service, they have placed a water dispenser right outside the shop for you to wash your hands; for after your sweet sticky encounter with the paans. For the hygiene conscious, this store ensures the beetle leaf is washed with filter water. This seems to be practical proof of their theory; the bottom of their packaging box reads “Customer’s satisfaction is that fertile tree where the fruits of success blossom”.

So next time you are close to the President’s estate or passing India Gate, don’t miss this paan-tastic experience in the vicinity!

Where: Shop no.3, New MP’s market North Avenue ND- 110001 (Behind MP’s club). They have another outlet in CP; shop- G 63/1 {As you turn into the MP quarters on North Avenue Road, take the alley next to MP canteen, drive to the end and take a left. It’s exactly on the back side of the MP canteen}

Contact: Ph. +919013447404, 23094043, fax 23094035


Time: 10:00- 23:30