IHOP To Chili's: A Foodie's Guide

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A mall is incomplete without its set of eateries. After all, shopping is just another exercise you do that does leave you hungry right? So, here is a list of all the places you can eat at in Pacific Mall

Cafe Delhi Heights

It is a popular cafe that has several outlets in Delhi NCR. They have a vegan menu as well and you even get complimentary bread sticks and bread buns. They also have fondue!

Chili's Grill & Bar

Chili's is for when you and your best friend have not met in the longest time and just want to chill and bond over good food. They usually serve good portions of whatever you order.

Jamie Oliver's Italian

Head to Jamie's for some amazing hand stretched pizza, fresh pasta and a glass of red wine (or other drinks off their menu). Kids have coke with their pizza and legends go for wine and cocktails.

The Beer Cafe

This place has more than 90 varieties of beer to offer! It also has options for other drinks such as along with vodka, whiskey, tequila, cocktails and more, but one should really opt for at least one of their beer options when you are here. 

Castle's Barbeque

Live barbecue and grill is always exciting, isn't it? Their buffet packages start at just INR 599 (with taxes). They even have live pasta, chaat and jalebi counters. Castle's also offers cold stone ice cream!

Biryani Blues

Craving for some good ol' biryani that is also pocket friendly? Head to Biryani Blues and indulge yourself in the rich flavours of Hyderabadi Dum Biryani, kebabs and other biryani handis. 

Kebab Express

If you have kebabs on your mind and can't get them out of your head, it is time you head to Kebab Express. They not only do kebabs but also put kebabs in kathi rolls and burgers. This place truly is a kebab heaven.


Head to KFC when you cannot decide where to eat or what to eat. Their chicken wings are unbeatable. Don't worry all of you vegetarian folks, they have vegetarian items on their menu as well.

Punjab Grill

It is a fine dine restaurant serving north Indian and punjabi food. This is a lovely place to go to with family for small and personal celebrations or events.

Carl's Jr.

Tired of shopping and want to grab a quick bite? Head to Carl's Jr. for a nice juicy burger which come in vegetarian, mutton and chicken variants. They also have milkshakes that will make you feel super full! 

Dunkin' Donuts

For some of the best donuts in town head to Dunkin. Whether you eat donuts as a snack or as a dessert, it is bound to make you very happy. We recommend that you get an assorted box of six (or 12) whenever you're around. 

Selfie Swag Cafe

This tiny cafe shot to fame with its coffee options that come with photos, texts and symbols printed on it. You can even get your own image printed on the coffee and drink it too! Burgers, maggi and pizza are some of the other things they offer.

Starbucks Coffee

Shopping can really take a toll on you after roaming around in the mall for quite some time. Put down the bags and take a break with a cup of Starbucks' epic coffee. 


Chaayos has a way of luring anyone in with their aromatic teas and a promise of yummy snacks and nibbles to go with. Once you are lured in, it really becomes difficult to leave!


Catch a late breakfast or a quick brunch at the newly opened branch of IHOP in Pacific Mall. They do amazing waffles (eggless options are also available), pancakes, omelettes and more. 

Mad Over donuts

They also do amazing donuts. If you've never had it then you have to try the double-trouble donut. It has chocolate oozing from inside! Yum.

Hang Out

If you're chilling at the mall with your family and have kids accompanying too, Hang Out is the place for you. As for the kind of food they offer, they've got everything from Italian and North Indian to Continental and fast food options on their menu. 

Costa Coffee

If Starbucks is too full or if you are not fond of it, Costa Coffee is an equally good alternative. Their coffee is amazing, to say the least.

Gelato Vinto

Stop by for a nice, cool scoop of gelato at Gelato Vinto. Belgian chocolate, chocolate hazelnut crunch, and mango alfonso are some of our favourites. They even have waffle sundaes that you should try. 

Food Court

When in doubt, head to the food court. It has multiple cuisines and options under one roof such as Berco's, Keventers, Pizza Hut, Wow Momo, Belgian Fries and more! 


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