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Know Those 'Adult' Toys People Talk About At Palika Bazaar? We Went And Checked Them Out…

    Connaught Place, Delhi


    The average Indian millennial’s concept of sexuality is growing faster than ever, and what better place to usher in the sexual revolution than Palika Bazaar? We went to check out the famous, sex toy market and found out exactly how to go about it.

    Not As Easy As You've Been Told

    As we all know, sex toys are sold at Palika Bazaar. While, you may assume that you’re going to find them readily available at any of the shops at the underground market, that {sadly} isn’t true any longer, because of the multiple raids that have been conducted in the past few years. But sex toy shopping at Palika Bazaar is definitely possible!

    What You're Going To Find

    You’re going to find all kinds of sex toys here. Two of us {both girls} went out on a mission to do just that, and it’s safe to say that we discovered a whole world of just vibrators. From battery-operated ones to manual ones, from plastic ones to rubber ones, from the basic egg-shaped ones to legit dildos, the underground world is really your oyster {and on a side note, who knew vibrators could come with three separate kind of attachments?}. However, we had to look quickly at the display section of multiple electrical goods shops before we knew exactly which one is likely to store sex toys. Even then, it was largely a hush-hush affair where the toys shown to us were kept between two big cardboard boxes to hide them from the general view. But, if you know exactly what you want, {inflatable dolls, fleshlight, butt plugs or pretty much any kind of sex toy you have in mind} they will be ready to present it.

    The prices for sex toys here is generally low in comparison to the prices online and even then, you can bargain. For example, one of the vibrators we saw here is available online for INR 3, 500 but in the market, it was available for INR 1, 500 and after a lot of bargaining, they came to a reduced price of INR 300! Hence, you need to keep in mind that products start at INR 1, 500 and a whole lot depends on your bargaining abilities as well.

    So, We're Saying...

    A little disclaimer: Since the store itself doesn’t want to disclose its exact information, all we can tell you is that the store number is in the last few digits before 200. Happy shopping!

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      Connaught Place, Delhi