Pamper Your Pooch With Special Doggy Treats From These 6 Cafes And Home Delivery Places

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We don’t hesitate to cram our faces with cookies and cream to make our day just a little better and sweeter, so why deprive our pooches? No we’re not suggesting you share your sugar-laden goodies with them {DO NOT EVER} but instead, treat them to a doggy-special gourmet meal or dessert once in a while.

Their tails will thank you, we promise! Here’s a list of the go-to people for when your pet deserves a special delicious little something.


Woof Yums

A catering/delivery service, Woof Yums was started by Jojo, who comes from a client-servicing background. The brand offers freshly cooked nutritious meals, delivered to your house twice a day {morning and evening} so that your pooch can have a healthy lifestyle.

They balance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian meals to ensure a healthy diet.

Price: Starting at INR 60 {for one small meal}

Check them out here.

Doggie Dabbas

Doggie Dabbas

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Essentially a customised dabba/tiffin system for dogs, Rashee Kuchroo’s Doggie Dabbas is for all you pet owners who don’t have the time to cook. A certified nutritionist, Kuchroo reviews each of her dogs’ medical histories and only then comes up with a meal for him/her.

Packed with nutrition and minerals, we suggest you give this a try over packaged food. They also do a range of cakes and ice cream for when he’s been a really good boy.

Check them out here.

Bark on Gourmet Doggie Barkery

Started by Nikki, initially for her own pet, Bark on Gourmet Doggie Barkery makes use of all natural ingredients to create home-made tasty treats for dogs. She makes cakes, cookies, milk bones, gourmet gravies and more, and to top it off, personalises it all with your pooch’s name. We’re loving the colourful birthday cakes.

You can call and place your orders or alternatively order online on HUFT or Amazon.

Contact: 011 4102 4839

Follow them on Facebook here.


Throttle Shrottle

This one’s a cafe for bikers, but bikers like the rest of us, love dogs. It’s a fact. So, for those of you who want to go out for a meal with your pooch, Throttle Shrottle is your destination {non-bikers are welcome too}.

They have an in-house chef who is trained to cook for dogs. So, based on your pet’s preference {vegetarian or non-vegetarian}, the chef will whip up a soup or a meal in a bowl at a flat rate of INR 100.


Primarily a dog salon and spa, Puppychino has a couple of outlets in the city. They also have a dedicated ‘borkery’ in store, which preapres delicious snacks like Spanish omelettes, cupcakes and more for your pupper. They’ve also got biscuits if your doggy’s in mood for only a quick snack.


A luxury pet hotel, Critterati has a café called Friends n Fur, with menus for both people and their pets. The menus have been developed with pet nutritional needs in mind. And, if that’s not enough, trot down to the basement and pick up a snack from their imported range of foods.


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