Pamper Yourself By Subscribing For The Best Period Box Ever!

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What Makes It Awesome?

We all girls go through that period of pain every month and it is just so difficult to bare those days. Bloating, cramps and headaches are common problems we suffer. But, this box is full of happiness and has everything you need during your periods. Carebear makes some amazing boxes that are a complete period kit.

These boxes are joyous they have beautiful packaging and are made of biodegradable and good for your environment. This box contains enough pads to survive our periods they send your pads that your use and customize your box. They also have great goodies to satisfy your cravings like green tea(flavoured), coffee, cookies, protein bars, and loads of chocolates. They also take care of your hygiene so you will get hand sanitizer and even panty liners.

They have subscription boxes for Rs 499 if you have 5-6 days of periods and Rs 399 if you have 3-4 days of periods on a monthly basis. These boxes are just the right thing to order for those days. So, go on their website and order now!!

How Much Did It Cost?

Under ₹500

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