Paper Design Co’s Stationery Is Beautiful And Open To Customisation

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The notepads, activity notebooks and cards are a sea of soothing shades but what sets them apart is the option to personalise them. You can change fonts, colours and have your names and messages written the way you want.

It’s Got Character, Bro

Got a friend who’s always holidaying or one who’s always got one hand in an oven mitt? Get those these activity notebooks that’ll become an extension of their personality. Fun titbit: These come with notes, quotes and stickers.

Friends being mean? Stop sulking and bring some order to your life with these planners and to-do lists. And we’re assuming if you’re sad {and generally forgetful}, you can indulge in therapeutic baking referring to these handy recipe cards so you aren’t whipping outta spite. 

Truth be told, we were so far only trying to rationalise impulsive purchases but if you’re anything like us, you won’t need any reasons… because you hoard stationery and you do it obsessively.

Nothing Like Old-School Greeting Cards

Yes, WhatsApp invitations and e-invites are easy but they are so not heartfelt. So, we’re hoping to send out our birthday and anniversary wishes to the long distance bestie with these cards. In fact, they’ve got options for almost every occasion you can think of including house warming and baby arrivals and there are ready-to-go versions too if you’re creatively challenged {or just lazy}.

So, We’re Saying…

While the site doesn’t let you go all mental with the customisation {yet}, it does let you play around a little and we think it’s a great start.

P.S. They’ve also got a section on junior stationery to perk up your tiny tot’s birthday invites and school activity books. Or, in case your colleague is organising a baby shower, feel free to point her in this direction.


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