30-Year-Old Pappu Ki Chaat For Aloo, Fruits & Juice

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It’s the best aloo chaat place in the city hands down. Located about 100 steps away from British Council Library, KG Marg it’s been around for 30 years and is my favorite place in Delhi {pro tip: Always get extra khatti chutney}.

Now We’re Chaat-ing

Apart from the epic aloo chaat {with just the right amount of tang}, this place serves fresh fruit juices and a fruit chaat as well. But if I had to pick a favourite, it has to be the aloo chaat – it’ll be a shame to miss this — no words will do justice.

Everybody who’s severely hit by demonetisation, or is generally cash-strapped in life will appreciate Pappu’s food.

Open To All

There’s no seating here which is a blessing, so, you can soak in the CP street food vibe that’s perfect for winter evenings. 

The two brothers {probably second or third generation running the stall} are really nice and always happy to chat if you like engaging in conversation.


Parking is a kind of an issue here {I’ve seen cops tow cars}. So, park somewhere in Janpath that’s walking distance from the stall.


Just your regular foodie. I love all things spicy and hot, and never say no to beer and palak pakodas.