[alert type=white ]This festival is now over. [/alert]Forget the Bull’s Eye. Machan at the Taj Mahal Hotel is running a Parsi Food Festival, including Parsi favorites Lacey Lamb Cutlet, Chicken Farcha, Onion and Chicken keema patti, samosa, Jardaloo Salli Margi, Prawn Patio, Kid Gosht, Tamata Pe Na Edu, Khara Papeta, Dhanksak Dal, Baigan Patio, Mori Dal and Parsi Mutton Pulao. And since we asked you to skip the Bull’s Eye, get in on the Lagan nu Custard, Parsi Sev and the legendary Parsi Dairy Kulfi.

Now, we know Machan is a regular, post Ricks, after hours kind of scene, but the Parsi Food is not available past 11.30pm.

When: Until 15th August

Where: The Taj Mahal Hotel, Number One, Mansingh Road; Contact: 01166513244

Timings: 12.30pm – 11.30pm