Pasta Goes Punjabi & Coffee Goes Bubblegum At Pasta La Vista

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Pasta La Vista occupies a teeny tiny space in the bank-dominated market next to Green Park metro station. The menu is a desi mix of vegetarian pastas, pizzas, burgers and flavoured coffees.

Chow Down

Punjabi Tadka Pasta, Chilli Cheese Burger

Sip On

Tiramisu Cold Coffee

Winning For

Their super speedy cooking


Pasta La Vista doesn’t even claim, or try to be, authentically Italian and we think it’s great that they’ve thrown all pretensions out the window. So you’ll get your basic red sauce and white sauce along with some “new” flavours like Mexican, Italian and Punjabi. We spotted bottles of sauces dotting their live counter, where they toss the pasta into a pan, add the vegetables and the sauce you want and stir it for a minute or two.

Going by our experience, they do Indian flavours well, so order the Punjabi Tadka pasta or the Tandoori and you’ll be good. They add a decent amount of jalapenos {for that extra heat}, baby corn, mushrooms and tiny paneer chunks. The portion’s pretty great too and the plastic box and sporks make for good takeaway, which we recommend, unless you want to perch your bums on tiny wooden blocks—the space is just about enough for three-four people at a time.

The Chilli Cheese burger made with a potato patty makes for great comfort food. We could snack on this in between meals.

Drink Your Tiramisu

The joint does coffee in some uber interesting flavours. We tried the tiramisu, the caramel and the bubblegum and were pretty happy with the first two, even though the tiramisu tasted more like hazelnut.

The bubblegum coffee isn’t as unpleasant as it sounds and has a wafer-like aftertaste. We probably wouldn’t order it again but we do think it should be tried if only for novelty value.

So, We’re Saying…

Pasta La Vista is a good takeaway/delivery option when you seek desi comfort food. We’re bookmarking it for mid-commute cravings.


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