PePizza Is Almost Open And Will Deliver Pizza 24/7

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Gurgaon now has its first 24-hour pizza delivery service. With a menu of over 70 ready pizzas to choose from, PePizza will deliver slices of cheesy happiness to Gurgaon, and eventually, Delhi.

Breakfast. Pizza.

We feel like we’ve been waiting for this our entire lives without really knowing it. Add pizza to your usual ‘wakey wakey eggs and bacey.’ Know what we mean?

Apart from this genius concoction, PePizza has a truckload of interesting pizza for us: Dal Makhni Pizza, Marshmallow Pizza and Caramel Crust Pizza.

They’re exploring a range of cuisines on one common base {geddit?}- Indian, Indian regional, Pan-Asian, European, American and Lebanese. You can also choose different crust like fried or buckwheat, or even opt for diet pizzas.

So, We're Saying...

No need to hurry with your orders as midnight approaches anymore. You will get your pizza, exactly when you want it.

PS: They’re also working on pizzas that involve alcohol. Mind blown. Stay tuned for more deets, Meanwhile, find out more here.

When: Stay tuned for exact dates

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