News To Pep You Up: This Pizza Place In Gurgaon Delivers 24×7

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Say goodbye to the usual toppings and go gourmet with a pizza delivery service that brings you pies that are a bit of the usual and a lot of the unusual. And the best part? They’re open 24 hours.

Pizza For Breakfast

Hey, we’ve all been there but now you don’t have to make do with cold pizza from the fridge. PePizza has a selection of breakfast pizzas that include all the breakfast basics in one pie. From a Scrambled Egg Pizza to a Boiled Egg Pizza {for them health buffs!} and the gorgeous Sunny Side Up Pizza which has four fried eggs sitting proudly atop a hand-tossed pizza base.

Our favourite, however, was the Sausage Pizza chicken pepperoni and mozzarella.

And Lunch, And Dinner

For mains, vegetarians can revel in the Florentine Pizza {a scrumptious overload of spinach} or the Italian Hot Pizza which has a combination of jalapeno, corn and roasted onions. Go gourmet with their pesto, rocket leaves and peanut pizza – a cross between Italian and Asian perhaps? For the ‘desi’ soul they also have Paneer Tikka and Dal Makhni Pizza!

If your pizza dreams are made of meat, they have an equally large range of those, from the standard Pepperoni {but with balsamic glazed onions} to Roast Chicken, though we loved the desi Chicken 65 Pizza with green chilli and coriander. They also have Pulled Pork and Seafood Pizzas as well as the super unusual Salad Pizzas {who would’ve thought?!}.

Always Room For Dessert

The ultimate pizza fan wouldn’t contend himself/herself with savoury pies, so go ahead and add a dessert pizza to your order! There’s Choco Crush, Caramel Crush and a Fruit Pizza, but things get really funky with the Marshmallow Pizza- it’s safe to say we’ve never had anything like this before.


Did we tell you that they deliver ALL night? We did? Okay, good. Just something to remember. Free delivery. 24×7.


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