Get The Best Of Italian Food At This Restaurant Mentored By A Michelin Star Chef

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What Makes It Awesome

Perbacco is an impressive new fine dining restaurant at The Lodhi. What makes them special (and awesome) is that they've reinvented traditional Italian flavours with a modern twist, and have done so beautifully.

The restaurant's menu has been created by Mentor Chef Adriano Baldassare (who runs the Michelin Star restaurant 'Tordomatto' in Rome) and Chef Prem Pal (The Lodhi's Executive Sous Chef and Italian cuisine specialist). Know what happens when two Italian food bigwigs like them come together? A meal you'll always remember like a long lost love (because well, our bank balance won't allow us to run to The Lodhi every weekend). 

But when you do drop by, here's what to expect: The most colourful of dining spaces with a lot of blue, yellow, and red thrown in; an exclusive wine cellar with over a 100 labels from Italy, a private dining area, and the sweetest staff. 

As for the food, Perbacco offers an exhaustive list of pasta, risotto, pizza, and antipasti (appetiser) options. We recommend that you start your meal here with their fresh burrata tart that comes with Peruvian asparagus and a salty black olive sauce. Know that this is probably the best burrata we've had in Delhi for the longest time. It's creamy, fresh, crisp (because of the tart base), and you'll probably want to order at least two more immediately. Another dish that you absolutely have to try here? Ravioli with spinach butter, Parmesan, ricotta and sage. Yes, it is as divine and butter-y as it sounds (Non-vegetarians, trust us!).

Fish fanatics on the other hand will love Perbacco's Salmon Tartare with Crème Fraîche and trout eggs (so fresh and smooth), and also their seabass with caramelised onions. 

We strongly recommend that you save room for dessert because you can't not have Tiramisu at an Italian restaurant! Plus, the one at Perbacco has a strong coffee taste, comes with a chocolate spoon, and you'll finish it in no time (because it's just so good!). We also liked their Green Cardamom Ice Cream, and their Apple Tarte Tatin is the modern version of an apple pie we wouldn't mind having every other day.

What Could Be Better

We tried a type of Lamb Ravioli at Perbacco which tasted a bit too strong, and well, unfamiliar (not something that could be better, but perhaps, is an acquired taste). 

Pro Tip

In case you're up for a drink, we recommend that you grab one at the Safari Lounge here and then head to Perbacco for a meal. The Safari Lounge's interiors are inspired by animals and it showcases stunning wildlife photographs as well. 


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