Get These Organic Grooming Products For Your Dogs To Make Bath Time Bearable!

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What Makes It Awesome

I’m yet to meet a dog that doesn’t hate bath time (and if your dog doesn’t, congratulations, you win.) But, well, there’s no way around it so I try to find super gentle and quick options to make it as easy as possible. I found Petlogix online after falling down the #instadogs rabbit hole. They only use organic ingredients in the shampoos and disinfectants and they also have tools to make the process easier. 

They have a ton of shampoo options based on the type of coat your dog has; there’s sensitive, anti-itch, anti-tick, detanglers and dark or light coats. I really like the option of picking a flea solution according to your dog’s size from small to large. For those in between bath days, dry shampoos aren’t just for you and me, they have pet-friendly ones in scents like lavender, pomegranate although my pick has to be the honey one. If your dog hates getting its nails cut, the nail grinder is a great tool to pick up since it’s really, really gentle. There’s also a chew toy that comes with a teeth cleaner so no having to hold your dog while using a doggie brush they’ll hate and a paw washer to disinfect muddy paws post-walk. Aah, convenience! 

Other than just grooming products, they also stock some bowls, toys and leashes but the grooming stuff is definitely what you should check out first. 

Price: INR 380 onwards for shampoos


If you’re in Delhi and, well, grooming your pets by yourself can be tough, they have a Grooming Van that you can call for all sorts of treatments like basic grooming or even a body massage (barking at every doorbell can be very stressful.)