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Piali In CP Strives To Serve Every Kind Of Curry Under The Sun

Navni posted on 10th June

Ten-Second Takeaway

Piali The Curry Bistro, which has opened right opposite PVR Plaza, offers a menu full of all kinds of curries from across the globe, an interesting array of starters and a beverage menu which doesn’t seem to end.

Chow Down

Roast Chicken and Caramelised Onion Spring Rolls, Martaba Meat

Sip On

Purple Stone, Aloe Vera & Cucumber Juice

Lowdown On The Ambience

Go up a narrow staircase to the first floor and enter the unassuming glass door and you’ll be transported to a living room out of the 80s – think Amitabh Bachchan movies. There’s a confusing mix of the contemporary with the old – plush deep green faux leather couches, upholstered striped chairs, a gigantic metal fixture on one wall and several paintings on another wall.

The swanky bar further inside is perhaps the most modern thing here. The large glass window give you a clear view of PVR Plaza and we hear you can get a pretty good view of the sunset in the evenings; we’re yet to see it for ourselves.

What’s On The Menu?

The starters comprise mostly fried fare along with some interesting creations like the jacket potato chaat. We munched on corn fritters {we felt these were under-seasoned, but they were okay with the accompanying cocktail sauce} and the roast chicken and caramelised onion spring rolls, which were so good we wanted to munch only on those for the whole meal.

For mains, there’s a world to choose from. If you don’t want to experiment, stick with the Thai curries. We personally liked the Martaba Meat with its mild achar aftertaste the most. You can choose from Sri Lankan pork curry, Bengali prawn curry, Assamese sesame curry, Burmese khow suey among many others.

The dessert section is pretty limited- the flambe gulab jamun and pineapple halwa tart are on our to-try list. Do remember that they take their time with the food so dob’t be expecting your curry in a hurry.

Wash It Down With…

The Purple Stone – it’s a tangy chatpata mocktail made out of jamuns and it’s a lovely pretty purple – perfect for your Instagram. You can also choose from their range of fresh juice combinations such as the watermelon orange and the aloe vera and cucumber. They’re yet to get their liquor license but once they do, just imagine alcoholic versions of these.

They also have some crazy deals such as 1 + 2 on drinks in the pipeline.

So, We’re Saying

Give Piali a visit when you have a few hours to kill on a slow weekday afternoon or better still, once they acquire their liquor license.

More Information

Piali - The Curry Bistro

Casual Dining
Connaught Place

K-41, Level 1, Opp. PVR Plaza, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Piali - The Curry Bistro

Connaught Place
Casual Dining