From Pickles To Handlooms, This Site Has Everything Authentic From The North East

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Started by two homesick, worker bees from the North East, The North East Store is an attempt at bringing everything good about the seven sisters to people who are far removed from home. Or, to those of us who love Naga chillies, pork pickle and bamboo jewellery for that matter. 

Pick Your Pickle

We’ve got a friend from the North East and if the carnivores are to be believed, she makes the best pork. On days she refuses to slave in the kitchen, we reluctantly make our way to Nagaland Kitchen but still miss the real deal that can only come out of a humble home kitchen. Which is why, everyone in the group has been happy to discover this site that lets you procure supplies from the comfort of the couch.

As you might have guessed, the food section here is our favourite. They’ve got everything from fresh plum jam and local mountain teas to dry bamboo shoot and even ghost chilli flakes for our next cooking expedition. Not to mention, they’ve got preservative-free turmeric, honey and cinnamon powder if you’re into healthy meals and kind of on the non-experimental side of the food spectrum.

There's Accessories, Too!

Too faint-hearted for the chilli or not too sure if you’ll develop the taste for bamboo shoot? Fret not. They’ve got handbags made from locally sourced materials, dim sum steamers and table linen and cushion covers with traditional motifs.

You’ll also find home knick-knacks like Naga spears that’ll remind you of your Nagaland House dinners. Plus, we think these stoles and sassy jholas make for awesome gifts {if you don’t feel tempted to buy them for yourself, that is}.

So, We're Saying...

The founders source everything from farmers, NGOs and local artisans. This means that you’re not only benefiting the people at the grassroots but also eating and shopping consciously.


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