Find The Best Hummus In Cyber Hub At The New Pier 38

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The one thing you expect from a Persian, Arabic, or Lebanese joint is good hummus. Pier 38’s got a wide range of all three and their hummus is totally binge-worthy.

More Than Just Pita Platters & Baklava

On a cold winter night, keep yourself warm with their Tequila Coffee or start on a sweet note with their Chocolate Martini. For all the pizza-lovers, they also serve Pides {Turkish Pizzas}. And in case you missed your daily dose of Nutella, try their Nutella filled Cigar Rolls.

To top it off, they have good music and space to dance at. Although the DJ mostly plays recent pop songs {both English and Hindi}, there is the occasional Hips Don’t Lie and the likes, too.

So We’re Saying…

Next time you’re in Cyber Hub, don’t miss out on their handcrafted cocktails and Persian delights.

Featured Photo: Pier 38


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