Switch Things Up: Here Are 5 Pilates Studios In The City That Will Make Your Workout Less Boring!

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If you still haven’t gotten around to fulfilling that New Year’s resolution to work out, here’s some inspiration for you. With our busy lives and hectic schedules, working out tends to take a backseat. Pilates is a workout which can actually be tailored in a. manner to suit everyone’s needs, whether you’re looking to get fit, recovering from an injury, pregnant or a senior. You don’t have to attend every day and it helps keep you fit {so you can’t use being too busy as an excuse with this}. Here are a few places in the city where you can sign up and get your Pilates on.

The Pilates Studio

With an excellent studio and a range of heavy-duty equipment, this Pilates studio is run by celebrity fitness trainer Namrata Purohit. The Studio focuses on effective exercises that engage both the body and mind, while keeping the sessions fun and safe. They have a team of dedicated fitness professionals, who ensure that each client achieves their specific fitness goals through intensive training sessions {after having carefully analysed their clients physical health and abilities}.

They offers Reformer Pilates training, and all workouts are customised—you can opt for either a group or private class. They offer Pilates training on the Reformer chair as well as the Cadillac.

Red Mat Pilates

Red Mat Pilates is an all-woman fitness group for all ages, with some excellent instructors. They’ve especially had a lot of success with post-injury rehabilitation, after making intensive inquiries about your health, they alter the best possible exercises for you. They help in improving your core and battling things like knee, back or neck pain {amongst others}.

Fitness Fusion

A specialist Pilates studio, Fitness Fusion has a series of courses available, and that includes Mat and Reformer Pilates, Pilates for grooms and brides, post-natal-care Pilates, Pilates for kids, Pilates for senior citizens and Pilates for pain relief. They’re fully equipped, from being set up with Reformers and Spine Correctors to Foam Rollers, trampolines, and a Bosu. Fitness Fusion even offers instructor training for individuals looking to get into the fields of health, wellness, and fitness.

Body Temple

A boutique studio run by Reebok and PIA {Pilates Institute of America} certified Deepika Saxena, this studio offers mat work and pilates on the ball for people over 50, and those suffering from back and knee aches {and also for general fitness}. She assists in improving posture, strength, stability and coordination. A fitness consultant for Fortis La Femme, her strength lies in helping women drop post-pregnancy weight.


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