Visa Interview Delayed? Cool Down With Piyu Cafe's Caramel Custard

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Piyu’s Cafe at Shivaji Metro Station serves pasta, pizza, burgers and a gorgeous caramel custard. It makes for a sweet pit stop when you’re on the go.

Chicken, Cheese & Chai

Piyu’s Cafe is situated at Shivaji metro station and hence caters to a large group of commuters {it is the airport line} as well as peeps coming in to apply for visas.

Their menu thus makes complete sense- it’s a mix of fast foods like sandwiches and burgers along with pasta, basic Chinjabi dishes, pizza and all-time favourites like puri, channa and parathas.

Their burgers are prepared well in uber soft buttery buns {a little like pao buns}; we liked the Chilli Chicken burger with its peppers, onions and spicy sauce. The Mac N Cheese on the other hand could have used a few spoons of spice.

Hey Sugar

Their dessert menu comprises a total of four things and we didn’t go beyond the first. Whatever disappointments we faced with the cold coffee and the Mac N Cheese flew out the door and up the escalator as soon as we bit into the caramel custard.

The perfect texture, the perfect amount of sugar syrup and the perfect wobble- just what we needed after spending eons in the visa lines.

So, We're Saying...

Piyu’s Cafe is a good place to unwind at if you find yourself at the metro station for some work. The food is decent and quick. For heavier lunch or dinner, you might want to head to the adjoining Piyu’s Kitchen.


We’d recommend steering clear off the cold coffee unless you want a super milky and not-enough-coffee affair.


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