#LBBPicks: Quick Bites Before Your Flight, At Delhi Airport

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There are those rare times you find yourself at the airport much before boarding time and then there are those not-so-rare times when your flight is running late and you find yourself with just a little time to kill. We at LBB eat out of boredom and this is no different when we’re at the airport, luggage in tow.

Lucky for us, the Delhi Airport is filled with cafes and restaurants offering some very good food. Here are the first ones we make a beeline for.

Cafe Delhi Heights

Cafe Delhi Heights has sold some nine lakh {and counting} Juicy Lucy burgers so far, and this number is increasing at a rapid rate, for good reason. However, make sure you’re very hungry before ordering this because the portion can be overwhelming. We find their vegetarian kebabs to be surprisingly good too.

Where: Terminal 1D

Street Food By Punjab Grill

Whereas the name Punjab Grill has you visualising huge chunks of mutton and naan, this outlet is significantly different. Choose from light eats such as chaat, dosas and of course, the Delhi favourite, Chinjabi. And the peeps assure us that it may be street food, but it’s prepared under strict hygienic conditions.

Where: Terminal 1D


What would we do without Starbucks? One of the first outlets in the city was at the airport and we always stop by for a tall glass of Java Chip Frappuccino along with a decadent slice of lemon cake. Even if you don’t have the time, it might be worth sipping and munching on these in line.

Where: Terminal 1D, Terminal 3 Arrival, Terminal 3 Departure

Pizza Hut

We don’t need to introduce this one. Even now, Pizza Hut wins for its pan pizzas full of cheese, vegetables and meaty chunks. If you’re looking for a bite of spicy, the Crispy Pepper pasta may be worth your time.

Where: Terminal 1D, Terminal 3 Domestic Departure

PS: You can also end with a massage at the Plaza Premium Spa, if you’re insanely early.


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