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Do-It-Yourself | Plane-Jane Spray Do-Over

Suchita posted on 24 September

What do you get when you take three girls, cans of spray paint, lace, and a videographer?

THIS video! And no, those of you blushing, it's not what you think. The LBBD office, or casa/HQ as it's fondly called, is undergoing some change or the other - we'll move the furniture around, add new accents, or switch the seating - to keep things dynamic, interesting and inspiring. When all our permutations and combinations of furniture placement had been exhausted, something else caught our attention - our dark wood and glass doors, so very plain and very mundane.

Good thing is, our go-to decor and DIY handy{wo}man, Bani Chawla, came to our rescue. All you need is a few simple tips and tricks to do over a stodgy surface, be it a wall, a cabinet, or in LBBD's office's case, a door.

Get your notebooks out {or just scroll down for the 'what-you-need' list}, press play, and get creative! There's nothing quite like DIY.


What you need |

Lace; make sure it's wide and broad, and that the holes are big enough for the design to get imprinted. We bought the lace from Shankar Market, Shop # 36 & 40.

Spray Paint; from any local stationary store. We bought cans of teal, white and gold from Khan Market.

Masking Tape; readily available at any stationary store.

Old newspaper



Steps |

Watch the video! All you've got to do is place the lace using masking tape, spray on the paint, wait for it to dry, remove the lace, and VOILA.


Tips from the pro |

  • Keep the spray about 5-7 inches away from the surface being sprayed, and make sure you spray evenly.
  • Masking tape and newspaper will save the day, and make sure the rest of your space doesn't get dirty.
  • Patience is key; wait for the paint to dry before you remove the lace.
  • Keep thinner handy, just in case you miss your target while spraying. Don't worry - happens to the best of us.
  • And yes, wear a mask. We were all a bit delirious by the end of our DIY day because our faces weren't covered.