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A Bengaluru-based fashion brand, Plantation House is all for kicking back in clothes that are understated yet distinct. Their design inspiration seeks influences as varied as the kimono to Ella Fitzgerald, and is for everyone who likes to dress down like a boss.

Seeds Of Imagination

If you’re into making pyjamas socially acceptable for outings, you can count on Plantation House’s collection of cropped or wide-leg options in delectable shades. These lowers also go perfectly with the line of tunics in earthy hues.

For short, swing-y tops, you can pick from these. If you’re into more serious, adult-looking stuff, check these silk variants {they can also disguise the food baby}.

As we see it, Plantation House clothes will take care of a lot of coffee meet-ups, book launches, one-off baking workshops, resort idling, movie marathons at the bestie’s, and long field days.

These Shirts So{w} Easy

We’re all too familiar with bad hair days. Or even, dress-too-slinky-for-a-regular-office days. The Plantation House people have something to cover you for both: Lovely, oversized shirts to throw over a dress, a pair of ripped denims or leggings. The many colours will entice you, but we suggest sticking to a colour tone that’s likely to go with most of your wardrobe basics.

Over And Out

We’re also seeing this line of shells as our best bet to layering like a pro. Whether you choose to wear it on top of that old, floral tube, or under that funky crop top, there’s so much you can do with the varied lengths and cuts, creating ample opportunities for those with an experimental streak.

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Price: INR 2,800 upwards