Plate Is Making Our Fancy Dinner Dreams Come True

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Plate boasts of a fine collection of wine glasses and books. This is where the chefs cook, and the menu is an overwhelmingly delish gourmet affair.

Chow Down

Braised Pork Chops Vindaloo, Molga-Podi Crusted Scottish Salmon, Caponata Stuffed Phyllo Pastry

Sip On

Sangria and more sangria

Winning For

This is a grown-up place nestled amongst teeny bopper joints; the vibe is laid back and jazz-heavy, with a charming veil of distinguished elegance.

Plated Pleasure

You could skip the ‘dim sum, risotto, pizza, pasta game’ and go gourmet. The main course dishes at Plate Me Up aren’t just deliciously plated, they’re actually delicious, too.

Apart from the big game changers, there is loads of goodness in the veggie menu as well, especially the Baigun Bhaja and Chhena Malai Moussaka; a strangely comforting fusion of Indian elements and gorgeous European-style plating.

For meat lovers, the Bagara Lamb Shanks are slow-cooked splendour served with hand-crushed tapioca and sautéed French beans.

Inclined Towards Italy

Though if you wish to play it simple, the Italian menu is true to spirit, loaded with cheese and super hearty. Try the Pizza Mugello which could well be breakfast, with a topping of Pomodoro sauce, caramelized asparagus and cooked egg and black and green olives.

For winters, however, it’s gotta be the Spinach, Mushroom, Goat Cheese stuffed Crepe Canneloni with a cherry tomato compote and walnut crumble for texture.

So, We’re Thinking...

Make your trip to Cyber Hub a ‘plated’ delight with a meal at Plate and endless glasses of sangria; sounds like quite the night to us!


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