Plush Cashmere Scarves & Shawls In Ivory, Mink, And Fawn by Tushar Kumar

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Tushar Kumar Luxury Cashmere brings you a collection of felted cashmere, including scarves, shawls, and stoles, all available in natural fibre colours—white, grey, and fawn.

The Fibre Story

They source pure cashmere fibres all the way from Ladakh, right from the Changthangi goats found in the region, believed to have the finest wool in the world. The fibre is really unique too; its high moisture content allows insulation properties to adjust with the relative humidity in the air, which basically means that the product is warm during winters and cool in summers. Pretty cool, yeah?

In addition to the wool from the Changthangi goats, the collection also uses natural luxury fibres sourced from alpacas and yaks.

Mink-ey Business

The colours are limited to only three shades—ivory {white}, mink {grey}, and sable {fawn}—which is a deliberate effort to ensure the use of only natural fabrics, as well as to give the collection a distinguished look. Plus, to accentuate the colours of the cashmere, they’ve used natural jet-black, deep brown, and light brown  colours derived from baby alpacas and yaks.

We’re bowled over by the colour palette on offer here—it’s lush, understated, and quite classy.

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Price: Starting at INR 15,000


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