Pocket-Friendly, Fabulous Oriental Food At Happy Hakka

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Bright, colourful and cheery, Happy Hakka is perfectly delivered Chin-easy food, and is totally made for TV dinners, game nights or that long pending catch-up over a bottle {or two}. An expansive menu and VFM pricing are added perks.

Must Eat

The Cheese ‘N’ Peppers Pizza marries classic cheesy pizza flavours with a juicy dim sum to create an explosive gooey and yummy treat that is addictive. Other perfect finger food includes the Crunchy Munchy Rolls which have just a hint of lemongrass, and the gorgeously green Spinach n Corn Dim Sums.

For mains, my pick is the Mushroom Mania for a comforting treat, or the Black Bean Fish Feast for a more nautical ride.

We also love their meal bowls. The Nasi Mi Goreng is comfort food at its best and the Khao Suey, although not the most authentic version, serves its purpose.

Must Drink

Soup it up! Go for the Whopping Wonton, which comprises juicy wontons in a clear soup, or choose double corn if nostalgia is the number you want to dial.

What We Loved

Adorable and very neat packaging that helps the food travel well. Also – a special mention for their condiments which come in tiny bottles. The spring onion dip and chilli paste are both winners.

What Didn't Impress Us

There is no dessert section. We would have been happier if they offered a fortune cookie, or a date pancake perhaps.


They have an app that saves your deets and allows you to place an order even faster, and also piles you with discounts. Also,when in doubt ask for recommendations.


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