Is Your Pooch Always Misbehaving? These Cruelty-Free Dog Trainers Are Just The People To Call

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If you’re a dog parent looking for reliable help to train your beloved four-legged brat, here are three dog trainers based in NCR who can play Pied Piper to your pooch. These dog trainers will not just train your furries to be obedient but will also make the bond between you two stronger sans any cruelty to the dog.

Adnan Khan - Founder, K9 Dog Training School Delhi

Adnan Khan runs a training school for dogs called K9, and has been learning about dog-training and behaviour since the age of 10. Having never been allowed to have a dog for the first 20 years of his life, his interest and inclination towards training started reflecting on the dogs on the street nearby. Adnan has been professionally training doggos since 2014, and has worked with over 300 dogs in India. He also got certification from and national partnership with the Police Dog Centre, Holland in 2015.

Aaron Patrick D' Silva - Canine Behaviourist And Animal Communicator

Aaron’s primary aim is to help pet parents understand their dog’s behaviour, and train them on the basis of it. He helps pet parents deal with major pet behavioral and temperamental issues. He provides the best walking techniques to pet owners as well as caretakers. In 2015, he was certified as an animal communicator. That has helped him understand {and intuitively communicate with} animals. Aaron has eight years of work ex doing this as well.

Akanksha Yadav- Founder: Pawtricks, Canine Training And Consulting

The ideology behind Akanksha’s method of dog-training is to build a strong bond between the owner and the pet, as opposed to the traditional method wherein the pet ends up having a special relationship with the trainer resulting in the pet responding to the trainer only. She helps bridge the gap between you and your pet, so that the communication between the two of you can happen seamlessly. Akanksha is certified by KCAI {The Kennel Club Accreditation Scheme for Instructors in Dog Training and Canine Behaviour}.


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