Po's Kitchen In Indirapuram Is Inspired By Kung Fu Panda & Serves Great Chinese

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A literal {bright blue} spark in the area, Po’s Kitchen in Indirapuram is doing a mish-mash of cuisines including delectable pizzas and Chinese fare in general. Those in the area can plonk themselves on the deck and eat chicken pakoras as the sun sets. 

Kung Fu Frying

Started by two foodies who now plan on having Po’s Kitchen pop up at various new locations {Noida, you might be next}, this first branch in Ghaziabad is barely a few weeks old. It looks too cute to ignore, and we see everything we love rolled into one place: Bright teal and yellow, fairy lights stuffed in bottles and bunting.

The owner slash partner guys tell us that their fish and chips and biryani have been getting a lot of love. This, of course, is if you’re not going for the Chinese food; that’s really their speciality. The menu, however, has everything from Delhi’s favourite honey chilli potato to manchurian to the more authentic stuff, like assorted veggies in basil-chilli sauce. Another surprising sell-out? Vada Pao.

Going all-out Chinese was perhaps too limiting, and the duo decided to throw in everything from dahi kebabs to Thai curry, making this an oddly exciting {but strangely composite} menu. Call it a safe bet or ‘global cuisine,’ but it’s really got a lot of people talking. We also hear good things about the Pepperoni and Cheese pizza.

Either way, if it’s too far, they also deliver.

So, We're Saying...

In our life, every day is a good day for dim sums. If this theory applies to you, check Po’s for fried noodles and Instagram-ready decor.


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