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Part 2 | Postcard Project II : Escaping within Delhi

Suchita posted on 20 May

In Part 1 of Postcard Project II, we told you about this year's theme, and introduced you to two of the participating designers- Ojasvi Mohanty and company Please See.

Interpreting 'Escape Within Delhi' in today's edition are duo Akansha Kohli & Soumya Parker and Gaurika Mehta.


LBBD_Final postcard

How does your work tie in with ‘Escape within Delhi?’

Let’s be honest, being an adult isn't all that it’s cracked up to be, the responsibility that age brings with it, is a real bummer! Having jobs with unrelenting hours and minimum wages… to put it mildly, it sucks! And sometimes we just need to get away. But sadly, most of us are saddled with bosses and clients who look at you like you are asking for their first born when you mention a vacation. So the best escape we find is to simply switch off and take an imaginary trip to an imaginary island and soak in the sun and the sand. And the best part is, you get to take this make believe vacation right under the boss's nose. He thinks you are intently staring at the computer screen waiting for the next breakthrough. Whereas, you are actually busy scuba diving off the shores of some undiscovered Greek island. Bliss!

What inspired you to make this design?

It’s actually pretty simple. We have two great loves - food, and dreaming about food. It was only natural that our design mirrored our obsession. Our other favorite pass time is to plan imaginary trips to exotic locales. Often, you'll find us on travel websites planning elaborate trips with our friends. This design is literally our fantasy vacation on paper. Sadly, this is as close to the dream escape as we are ever going to get!

Could you tell us any other escape within Delhi?

Our top favorite is to go and experience new cuisines {told you we're obsessed}. We begin by looking at the menu, and finding items which we can’t pronounce. We then flap our arms to signal the waiter and then point at the chosen dish with our podgy fingers. Try it, it’s fun. Can't guarantee the food will be good. But at least you will know what not to order next time.

What’s Delhi to you? And why would you escape from Delhi?

Delhi is our home. And I guess we escape it only to rediscover our love for it :)



How does your work tie in with 'Escape within Delhi'?

Creating the work itself was a journey of how I escape Delhi.. A visual representation of how my mind perceived the title given. The meaning behind it is as simple as a dance and a journey from within to escape.
What inspired you to make this design?

We are always looking externally for pleasure, sometimes the biggest pleasures you can get are from the smallest things we overlook. The medium of music is one which always helps me, not only to escape but also to get inspired.

Could you tell us any other escape within Delhi?

Many- food, sleep, meditation, yoga, walking in the park, and being with good people!

What does Delhi mean to you? And why would you escape from Delhi?

Delhi has for me been my home for the past 7 years, so it is just home! Like any other city, the hectic pace and the everyday activities of living in Delhi {or any other city in the world} sometimes call for an escape or timeout!


 These postcards will be available at all Little Black Book Delhi events, June 2013 onwards.