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Gurgaon's Largest Restaurant, Prankster, Has Blown Us Away

Maanya posted on 28 September


Sector 29’s latest entrant, Prankster, is stealing the show with its impressive design elements, funky light installations, stellar food and trip back in time.

Chow Down

Sambar Capuccino With Dosa Papad, Chili Potatoes, Rampuri Ghosht

Sip On

The Prankster Signature Cocktail, Babaji Ki Booti

Mark Your Attendance

…at India’s first F&B Campus. Spread over 10,000 sq. ft., Prankster is Gurgaon’s largest restaurant, and also, dare we say, its most innovative.

Walk up a flight of stairs and through a narrow corridor that take you back in time to when you were young, wild and free {a.k.a. college}. If only our college had looked like this, though.

The restaurant opens to a library, complete with bookshelves, and some of the most amazing light installations we’ve seen {they’ve been constructed out of actual books!}. In fact, lights are a big decor element at Prankster, especially curated for the restaurant.

See You In Class

There’s a Mixology Lab, a Hostel Room {that you can book for a small party}, a Classroom, an Amphitheatre, a Canteen and even a Parking Lot. Each of these spaces are unique dining areas with funky elements. There’s a jeep {we were lucky enough to eat in the back seat} and a food truck parked outside, and you’re welcome to sip your drink on comfy scootys that double up as sofas.

Our favourite element is a WIP, but it should be up and running soon; the considerate guys at Prankster are installing a fully functional panwadi in the smoking area.

A Big Plate Of Nostalgia

But with a twist. Prankster has introduced a new kind of cuisine, and they call it Progressive Nostalgia.

Think of all your favourite comfort food, but served in a unique manner. The menu has fascinating options like Dahi Bhalla Ice-Cream, flat gappas or chilli potatoes stuffed with mashed potatoes {bring on the carbs}.

Each dish is inspired by a story or a memory; for instance, the Pao Bhaji Burger is inspired by chef Harangad’s grandmother, who couldn’t stand the fact that he was wasting his tiffin, inspiring him to give the staple an upgrade.

The Rampuri Ghosht was tender and flavourful, served with a quirky variant of the sheer maal.

We definitely recommend ending your meal with the Rose Kheer, as you allow the chef to put on a little show for you as well {it involves liquid nitrogen and rose petals, but we won’t say much more}.

So We're Thinking...

Prankster will be packed with toppers and backbenchers alike, and for good reason. Don’t skip class, you’ll regret it.

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locationSector 29

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locationSector 29