Printed Pocket Squares And Silk Scarves By Charu Desi

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Need some snazzy pocket squares and free flowing scarves? Charu Desi does them in a variety of designs, featuring a lot of colour.

Colour Crazy

Featuring some really interesting designs, Charu Desi’s got about six different collections of scarves and pocket squares to choose from. The Chandni Chowk collection is inspired by the chaos found there; the Resham Ka Rumaal collection consists of psychedelic prints and free flowing designs on satin and silk; Mid-Summer Dream collection features cool linen scarves with nature prints. And there’s the Royal Drape collection, which has been inspired by royal motifs and architecture of the Mughal times.

Digital Days

Textile designer Medha Khandelwal finds inspiration for these awesome scarves from what she sees and observes around herself; the designs she creates are then transferred on the set fabrics by digital printing and foil print technique. They’ve got some really cool travel accessories like wallets, sunglass cases, iPad cases, and passport holders too {available at Ambar}.

PS: If you’ve got any designs in mind, these guys will even customise them for you.


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