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Products From KIKO To Brighten Up A Dull Day

Akriti posted on 21st October

Ten-Second Takeaway

KIKO Cosmetics is our go-to for all skin care and beauty essentials. We tried a few daily looks with soft colours and here are a few products you must check out for that flawless daily look.

Rock That #DailyMakeUp

First of, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the senior makeup consultants at KIKO for not only being great at what they do but also for somehow pinpointing exactly what we wanted. We tried a few easy going daily looks with a range of their products {all of them light-hued and easy to apply}.

We started with the Matte Fusion Pressed Powder which proved to be perfect for a natural look and flawless cover. The product smoothens the skin and is surprisingly good when paired with just a blush {the smooth look really helped apply the blush perfectly too}.

Next up, we tried the Shade Infusion Trio Blush {which is a completely natural baby pink blush}; this one can be applied slightly on the end of the cheek area to achieve that perfect day look. The High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow is also a great choice for when you want to add a little shimmer to your eyes { and the two shades of soft pink really bring out the shape of your eyes}.

The Ultimate Pen Eyeliner which comes in a dark black solid colour is super easy to put and is also super smooth {it literally glides on your skin!}.

For women who can’t do without their kajal, the Everlasting Kaajal is our pick. The super black kajal is a one stroke winner, is easy to apply and stays on for hours at end without smudging {it can be removed with just water too}. The Extra Sculpt Volume Mascara is perfect for those long days and is easily removable with water {and the best part — it does not bleed at all}.

For Them Lips

The Creamy Colour Comfort Lip Liner is the smooth saviour that gives you the perfect lining to colour your lips properly and when paired with the Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick 111 {a light pink shade,} it instantly brightens the face and creates a work look others would envy.

Use their Creamy Lipgloss 102 {our personal favourite} for achieving smooth lips with just the right hint of colour.

So We’re Thinking…

Now that you know what we have in our makeup arsenal, go try them out. Tell us what you loved best out of these products {or maybe recommend us your favourites that we can add to the list}. We foresee loads of #dailymakeup selfies coming our way.

Photos courtesy: KIKO Cosmetics

Kiko Milano

Sector 18
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