P-Tal: A Resurgence Of An Age-Old Art Of Hand Beaten Brass & Copper Pieces

    What Makes It Awesome?

    P-TAL stands for Punjabi Thathera Art Legacy. Remember the times when brass utensils were used in the kitchen, the ones with a shiny lining inside. When that used to wear out, the guy on a cycle was summoned, who had a contraption with which he would make the utensils shine like new again. As kids, we were totally mesmerized by this process and watched with unblinking eyes. With time and newer and cheaper options available, this art was soon relegated to the background. It is heartening to know that this art is being revived through an initiative called P-TAL. It is an age-old community of skilled craftsmen specializing in the traditional technique of hammering brass and copper sheet into utensils. The legacy of Thatheras dates back to more than 150 years when Maharaja Ranjit Singh established Jandiala Guru as a craftsmen colony. An institutional body has been created which consists of government officials, Enactus Shriram College of Commerce student members and Ms Kirti Goel, the project chief designer. The efforts lead to the craft from finding it's way to the UNESCO'S list of Intangible Cultural Heritage. P-TAL opened its first retail outlet at the historic Guru Gobindgarh Fort. Today they are present all across the country in popular and premier locations, like Khan Market, Tatsat in Hauz Khas, Godrej Interio in Delhi, Airports in Amritsar and Mumbai and Toran in Chennai. P-TAL today stands as a strong brand, offering a wide range of services from entirely customized orders handcrafted in 100% pure brass and copper sheets to ostentatious high-end packaging for satisfying customer experience and inclined interest of corporate gifting prospects. P-TAL also provides tailored engraving for professional, corporate and gifting events. They have a stunning range of kitchen and decor products which include a modern-day rendition of cutting edge designs and patterns, which fit in seamlessly into our modern-day homes and lives. Its rightly said and hence I quote Cook in Brass, Drink from Copper and Eat in Kansa. They are now available on Shop LBB. Prices range from INR 125 to INR 8,500

    What Could Be Better?

    Every aspect is well looked into

    How Much Did It Cost?

    ₹1,000 - ₹3,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Bae