Pull-Apart Garlic Bread, A Massive Burgerizza & Cheesy Fries: Uncle's Sip & Bite's Got All The Good Grub

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A cubby hole in Prashant Vihar Market, Uncle’s Sip & Bite is doing everything right. They’re offering the cheesiest food at the most reasonable prices and the Uncle at the eatery is probably one of the sweetest people we’ve come across in a while.

Say Cheese

Opened almost six months ago and already a hit among the folks of North Delhi, Uncle’s is popular for its Pull-Apart Garlic Bread, their Burgerizza, Peri Peri Maggi, Cheesy Fries and Uncle’s Special Nachos {yes, that’s a lot of popular dishes, so clearly they’re winning for their food}.

We certainly had to try their Pull-Apart Garlic Bread and their Burgerizza to see what all the hype was about and our verdict is – Uncle’s Sip & Bite deserves every bit of it.

The Garlic Bread was  loaded with cheese, herbs, butter too and pulling the perfectly toased bread apart will work up your appetite like never before. As for the Burgerizza, combining two of our favourite food groups – pizza and burger – was a decision that has worked very well for Uncle’s Sip & Bite. The Burgerizza has a filling of crunchy veggies, pizza seasoning and more cheese {yay} to leave your stomach very happy {but maybe, not your gym trainer}.

Honestly, we’re waiting for a time when they’ll open an outlet closer to home {hopefully soon}.

So, We're Saying...

We’re telling you beforehand that if you wish to get your hands on all the good, good grub {which is practically errrything}, you’ve got to reach as early in the day as possible. We saw 4 people sigh and we’re pretty sure that they made a mental note to come back early the next day because the fries and Maggi were over before 5pm.

If you don’t live close by, Uncle’s is worth making a trip to Prashant Vihar. You won’t regret it. Promise.


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