Dig Into Delicious Kulchas, Laal Maans & More With Punjab Grill

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What Makes It Awesome

Punjab Grill, one of the best fine dine north-Indian restaurants in town, should be your go-to place if you want to enjoy Punjabi delicacy like never before. I love the fact that they keep introducing newer things to the menu, like "Kulche Di Kahaniya".
They’ve basically introduced nine varieties of lip-smacking, stuffed Kulchas, and they are heavenly, to say the least!
Before we get to a detailed review of the food, I'd like to share that their delivery service was SO awesome, and their hospitality was A1! Usually, the restaurant loses its service-charm if you're ordering in, but the delivery service of Punjab Grill was very well executed. The delivery boy was wearing a face mask, hand gloves, and was super sweet with his greetings!
Now, the food!
I got to try their aaloo pyaaz kulcha (classic), and a duck gassi kulcha. Aaloo pyaaz kulcha is an option you can just never go wrong with. The taste was perfect, and what I personally liked about the kulcha was that it was made like an authentic stuffed kulcha (thick and flaky) and was loaded with flavours.
The duck gass kulcha is inspired by the Mangalorean mother sauce Gassi, and has duck and flavours of red wine sopping prunes. It had a hint of sweetness, and I loved the flavours.
I also tried vegan jackfruit biryani, which came in a matka, along with saalan, and raita. I liked the taste of it, none of the ingredients were overpowering, and was just a perfect combination.
We also tried their Chaamp Tajdar which is a roasted lamb rack with green tea glazed orange (10/10!), and their daal makhani, which again, was ace.
All of the food was very well packaged and was labeled well.
Since Punjab Grill is delivering, I think you should definitely try out some of their awesome dishes like Laal maans, Vegan Biryani, and the Kulchas from the new menu!

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