Woofmark This: Have Every Pet’s Needs Met Under One Roof At Puprise

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What Makes It Awesome

Here’s a checklist: do you have a dog, cat, bird, rabbit, guinea pig or hamster at home? Whether you checked one or all (and if you checked all, I have one word - awwww), Puprise is an online pet store that has over 200 brands of high quality pet food, toys, accessories and more for all kinds of animals so there’s no struggling for the best if you have a pet at home.

They have over 1,000 dog products (yes, it’s a little overwhelming) like dog food, treats, bowls, toys, beds, grooming products and even tech products. They’re mostly by international brands like Pet Head, Royal Canin but there’s also Indian brands like Doggie Dabbas and Kennel Kitchen. Their cat category is also very extensive with food, litter boxes, toys, and grooming products. For those of you with little birdies, they have food for all kinds of birds from pigeons to exotic and wild birds and even cages and feather care (whaaa?) Small pet owners, whether you have a gerbil, guinea pig or rat, they have food for all of them and even habitats for them with slides and houses which we’d love to bunk with them in. 

Basically what I’m trying to say is that this pet store is one to bookmark for sure, you’ll honestly find pretty much everything your pet could need from the essentials to treats just because you wanna show them some love.

Price: Products range from as low as INR 35 to over INR 8,000

What Could Be Better

They have a fish category which is sadly empty RN so hopefully they’ll be adding some products soon for our aquatic friends.


If you’re confused about what you should get, you can try out their Puprise Box which is a monthly subscription plan for dogs with toys, treats and a bunch of other fun stuff.


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