Put Your Street Food Cravings To Rest With The Delicious Menu At Masala Trail

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Try reaching early during peak hours, because it gets super crowded for dinner.

What could be better?

Service gets slow when there's a lot of rush, so be ready for a wait.

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This is the perfect place to have favourite street food. Authentic and high-quality food is served at very reasonable prices.

This pure vegetarian restaurant is heaven for all you herbivores out there.

What else? You can enjoy your favourite milkshake from Keventer's at The Masala Trail.

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Remember the sweets you used to eat as a kid? Yes, I'm talking about Coffee Bite, Poppins, Fatafat, Sweet Cigarettes, Gems and Mango Bite! Now you can buy a pack of these assorted sweets for INR 100 here.

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