Now Treat Yourself To A Grill House Brunch Every Sunday At Qla

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What Makes It Awesome

Qla is well known for their European food, and its signature gourmet dishes and I recently learnt that they are starting up with their Grill House Sunday brunches. What I really loved about this place is that the chef was trying to tell a story through each of the dishes. I tried the 8-course tasting menu, that was recommended by the server.
I would rate their dish plating as one of the most creative food presentations I've ever experienced.

What's My Pro Tip?

When you're looking for a romantic getaway with your loved one or want to indulge in an Instagram-worthy meal, Qla in Mehrauli is definitely the place to be.

Anything Else?

It’s really hard to pick my favourite, but the dishes I’ve tried here so far are a) Lamb loin, chicken parfait, cumin jus and roasted carrots; b) Carpaccio of Danish scallops, wasabi, coriander, hazelnut and vodka; c) Poached Atlantic salmon, tarragon and coriander, balsamic, roasted hazelnut and jalapeno mayo; d) Mosaic of four textures of flavour, on a sea bass, Sichuan pepper, mango and cognac; e) Smoked salmon, shortbread; f) View from my flight window {a dessert}; g) Wellington of a corn-fed chicken; h) Duck and truffles; i) Mango and passion fruit; j) Garden version-2; k) Smoked duck, truffles, black truffle balsamic; l) Lamb by the pine forest; m) Textures of chocolate; n) Seabass, black forest ham, mango and garlic cream.