Put On Your Party Shoes And Head To Qubitos For A Chilled Out Time

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One of Rajouri Garden’s cafe-cum-lounges that have stood the test of time is Qubitos – The Terrace Cafe. We dropped by a dull Thursday afternoon but looks like that’s never stopped West Delhi from putting up its feet and having a good time {loud music, tasty macchi and all}.

Every Night Has Its Dawn

First off, let’s get over with the unpleasant news: Qubitos has had to shut down its beautiful terrace we were so looking forward to {and so have a lot of places in the vicinity thanks to the government rule on shutting down rooftops}. So we had no option but to sit in the barely-lit floor whose ambience and general vibe resembles a typical CP restaurant.

The reassuring part, however, is that it looks like a great place for a night of drinking, hookah and good ol’ bonding time with the squad. How can we say? Well, if weekday afternoons are so busy here, there’s no reason for weekend nights to be boring. Simple logic.

Tikkas All The Right Boxes

The menu at Qubitos, in the revised format is big on variety and we weren’t disappointed with anything that we ordered. Bang! Bang! {it was potent, yay!} and Kaafir Lime Mojito were perfectly spiced and the Amritsari Fish Tikka was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, just the way we like it. The Anjeer and Mattar Ki Tikki was a refreshing take on tikki chaat.

Other than those we’ve also heard great things about their paneer tikka {if West Delhi doesn’t do tikkas well, we don’t know who else will}, stuffed mushrooms and what else, but dal makhani {oh and they’ve got a makhni pasta if you’re feeling experimental}.

P.S. On some nights, they even have live music to add an extra zing.


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