Instagram Shoppers, Bookmark This Brand For Adorable Apparel

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Queen Bee

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What Makes It Awesome

Queen Bee (hidden away on Instagram under @queenbeedsgn) is quite a find if you're that rare mix of bored-by-your-current-options and big-on-IG-shopping. A small, boutique Insta-only brand, Queen Bee is the IG equivalent of sifting through a rough-and-tumble market that'll yield some truly great finds. While I didn't love the entire collection they had, there were certain things I absolutely adored.

The trick is keep going—their IG page is a bit confusing and muddled, so you might get lost navigating it, but when you figure out how, you'll discover some great things. I ordered a long, beachy white dress and monochrome circle skirt from them, and really liked the fit of both (for the most part, the skirt was a touch loose and needed to be taken in, but the dress was perfect).

They're fairly responsive on Instagram, but you have to explain sizes a bit carefully. However, they will get back to you (and also deliver) in a timely fashion.

What Could Be Better

Like I mentioned, their IG could use work. Also, a website to order from is always great, but we hear that's in progress.

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