Homestyle Cold Coffees & Grilled Sandwiches At Cafe 6

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Family run Cafe 6 is a teeny-tiny cafe next to Hauz Khas Market, serving an assortment of quick bites ranging from sandwiches, parathas, pastas, omelettes and baked goods.

Chow Down

Chicken Omelette, Maxo Chicken Burger, Cheesy Greedy Potatoes

Sip On

Irish Coffee, Hazelnut Cold Coffee, Watermelon Mojito

Winning For

Its tiny-yet-cute balcony done up in shades of yellow and purple, and embellished with animal-shaped planters and fairy lights. A small cooler in the corner ensures you don’t melt away in the summer.

Lowdown On The Ambience

This is a spot frequented by most of the college students in the area, owing to its reasonably priced eats and treats. You can often see a gaggle of NIFT girls perched on their high stools grabbing a meal during their lunch break. Their seating is, however, very limited, so it’s better to just pick up your order or call for delivery {they’re a little iffy about deliveries, however; it all depends on your luck and their resources/mood}.

What’s On The Menu?

We’re going to be honest; Cafe 6 isn’t the place we head to when we’re in the mood to treat our taste buds to the best of gourmet, but it’s ideal for a quick snack or meal when you’re in the area and your tummy’s rumbling away. It’s essentially homestyle comfort food.

We are absolutely in love with their Cheesy Greedy Potatoes; potato chunks topped with a generous amount of cheese and baked to perfection. Other highlights on the menu include the chicken omelette, the chicken burger {a favourite with the regulars} and the mixed sauce penne pasta.

If you’re in a hurry, the sandwiches are pretty good options, too, along with the chicken salami. They also offer an Indian thali that changes regularly.

They used to do a delish chocolate pudding, but we haven’t particularly liked their desserts recently. If you’re looking for a sweet fix, milkshake is the way to go here. But it’s honestly the coffee which keeps us coming back; they make it just the way you like it. All you need to do is be specific with the instructions.


Parking can be a bit of an issue as it’s a residential area, but you can always ask the staff at the cafe to help you out. Sometimes, they’ll even give you unofficial valet service.


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