From Raan To Yakhni, Here Is A Guide To The Best Mutton Dishes In Gurgaon

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A versatile ingredient that can be enjoyed in so many different forms, mutton dishes have been perfected across the country, and we present our picks of the most delicious, regional versions for you to totally OD on. Buckle up, and dig in!

Mutton Kasha - Ki Hangla

Bengali food serves up mutton in several tempting treats, and from the mutton roll to the classic Kolkata biryani, the options are immense. But what truly steals the show is the rich, intense and very flavourful Mutton Kasha, a thick velvety gravy that has the sting of mustard, and is enjoyed with soft fluffy luchis.

Sikandari Raan - The Good Food Company

A magnificent dish of truly epic proportions, the Raan is one spectacular eat! The one served at TGFC is crisp outside, and superbly tender inside, cooked three ways- air-dried, braised and roasted in clarified butter, making for a tender, meaty treat that is perfect to share. Enjoy by itself, or you could also pair with soft roomalis.

Salli Boti - SodaBottleOpenerWala

In true Parsi tradition, mutton features in several classic dishes from this cuisine, and SodaBottleOpenerWala does excellent versions of them all, from the flavourful Berry Pulao, to the creamy Dhansak. What steals the show for us though is the Salli Boti, a fragrant and rich gravy that is slightly sweet with just a hint of a punch. Topped with crunchy, julienned potato sticks, mop up this treat with soft Pao.

Mutton Yakhni - Matamaal

Matamaal, the Kashmiri Pandit eatery does an excellent Kabar-Gah {special cut mutton ribs marinated in raw milk and spices and pan fried to crispy goodness}, but our meat vote here goes to the very unique Mutton Yakhni, that pairs succulent chunks and ribs of mutton with a simple and aromatic yoghurt based curry – it’s best served with hot steamed rice.

Non-Vegetarian Litti Platter - Magadh and Awadh

Hearty, hot and with the sharp heat of mustard, littis are little roasted treats that we love with a piquant chokha, and Magadh and Awadh serves up this deliciousness with a fiery mutton curry that has the punch of garlic. Order the Non-Vegetarian Litti Platter here that allows you to relish this regional treat with chutney and googni.


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