Rainbow Tacos & Cake Batter Softies: These Are The 5 Craziest Ice Cream Trends We've Seen In 2018

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The new year brought some fascinating new ice cream trends, with various ice cream parlours experimenting with their flavours, designs and cones. We’ve listed some of our favourites below {in case you haven’t got a chance to check them out yet}.

Gothic Ice Cream

The Funnel Hill Creamery in Green Park is doing gothic ice cream, the first we’ve heard of in the city. Their Devil’s Hell ice cream with a black scoop and a red cone is everything that makes us want to ditch our diet and bring out the Insta-obsessed millennial in us. The delightful coconut-y flavour and the crisp, red cone drenched in Nutella will make it really difficult for you to not order another one. They also do a Cookie Monster ice-cream, inspired by the blue Sesame Street muppet.

J-Shaped Cones

Ever had a soft serve in a J-shaped one? Wafl, in SDA is serving soft serves in a J-shaped cone. Their J-tube soft serve is delicious, and deserves a trip to SDA. Plus, we hear they’re open till 1.00 am, so it’s perfect for a late night date.

Rainbow Tacos

Eyes On Ice in Gurgaon is doing colourful rainbow tacos. What are rainbow tacos? They’re dollops of ice cream in colourful tacos. These are hand-crafted and come in the brightest colours. They’re delicious to eat and definitely add a pop of colour to your Instagram feed. A clear win-win situation.

Ice Cream In Coconut Shells

Jaatre in Jasola is run by a Bengaluru guy, who sources the freshest ingredients and experiments with the most offbeat flavours. But what we loved the most is that these homemade scoops of ice cream come in the cutest coconut shells. We love the Tender Coconut and Sharifa {custard apple}.

Cake Batter And Googly-Eyed Ice Cream

Creme Borne  does a black soft-serve with googly eyes, churros, waffles, and hot chocolate. Their soft serves are infused with cake batter, and come in interesting flavours like cookie-dough, strawberry cheesecake & vanilla crust that are delicious. They also put googly eyes and different toppings of your choice {think marshmallows, gems, sprinkles, crunchies and the like} on top.


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