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Rain, Chaat & Chai: Head Here To Enjoy Your Monsoon Favourites

    With Monsoon, comes the season of garam chai and chaat. If you’ve grown up in an Indian household, you know that the first thing to come out of the kitchen once it starts pouring is cups of chai, and a plate of pakoras or samosas. There’s no denying that street food, chai and the rain are a trio made in heaven; and luckily for us, Chaayos is bringing this trio to town with a very special Monsoon Chaat Menu. Is just reading about it is making you peckish? No worries - Chaayos is giving all LBB users an exclusive 15% off on its chaat menu!

    What's On Menu?

    It’s all about Monsoon favourites and experimenting with chaats you’ve grown up eating and loving. Whether you’re team samosa or team bhelpuri, they’ve got you covered! For all the samosa fans out there, the ‘fresh out of the oven’ crispy Samosa Matar Chaat with tangy imli chutney by Chaayos will make monsoon special for you. Looking for light bites instead? Mumbai's classic Bhelpuri (with Chaayos’ secret chutney and spice mix, accompanied by their homemade papdi) is something that will help you relish the rain. And if you’re the 'the heart says cheat with chaat but the mind craves healthy stuff' kinda person, (lucky for you) Chaayos has the delish, healthy alternative of Egg White Chaat! Indulge in this guilt-free mix of boiled egg whites and chopped onions that makes for a great, all-day healthy snack. Last (but definitely not the least), there's a special chaat for all you meat lovers in the house - Chicken Keema Papadi Chaat. Pair these up with a hot, soothing kulhad chai and you’ve got your monsoon fix covered.

    So We're Saying...

    Head over to your nearest Chaayos to enjoy your favourites with a twist! AND, make a plan with your chaat and chai buddies to avail an exclusive, LBB discount of 15% on any of these chaats. Just use the code LBB15 at the counter or order online here and use the code on checkout! Follow Chaayos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to stay updated with all offers and new additions.