A Fruity Fizzy Fix: Get These Refreshing, Flavoured Kombuchas Delivered To Your Homes This Summer

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Raw Kombucha

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What Makes It Awesome

We can't part ways with our freshly brewed teas and coffees but every once in a while we need to jazz things up with something fizzy (and healthy). While we were busy filling our second cup of green tea for the day, we came across Raw Kombucha. Based out of Faridabad, this online brand delivers flavoured Kombuchas across India.

Having a rich ancient history, these fermented drinks have recently gained popularity, and rightfully so. Kombuchas are non-alcoholic, fermented drinks usually made of green or black tea. They're loaded with amino acids, vitamins and other beneficial nutrients. That was reason enough for us to order these fizzy bottles of elixir from Raw Kombucha. These folks have Kombuchas in five fruity flavours - Mango, Pineapple, Lemon Ginger & Mint, Apple Elixir and Pomegranate Spiced. Since we're so accustomed to having sugary drinks, these might take some time getting used to. Having a refreshing tangy flavour with hints of spicy ginger, we know in our hearts that Lemon Ginger & Mint is going to be our favourite drink this season. It's the mango season and if you've still not had enough then we'd suggest you stock up on their Mango Kombucha. While these can be enjoyed as is, Kombuchas also act as brilliant cocktail mixers. We can't wait to try their Pomegranate variant with a nice portion of scotch. 

Kombuchas at Raw Kombucha are fermented at their brewery in Faridabad. They currently have free delivery in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Ghaziabad and Greater Noida. For India shipping you need to order a minimum quantity of 73 bottles. Each bottle is 300ml and a pack of six is priced at INR 870. 

What Could Be Better

We really wish they start delivering these super healthy drinks across India. 


There's a minimum order value, you'd have to buy a pack of 6. They have a sale going on at the moment where you can get these Kombuchas for INR 699, so order away. 


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