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Old Can Be New Again: We’ve Found Someone To Re-paint & Upcycle All Kinds Of Furniture


    Coco Rose By Alisha might just be two-years-old but she’s already got a home improvement projects lined up. Not only does she have her own line of vintage furniture that she sells through her FB page, she’s even ready to make old, beaten-down furniture look as good as new by following the two techniques that she’s amazingly good at – decoupage and hand-painting.

    Decorate Don't Discard

    What started at home and with a few off products {coasters, wall plates, mirror frames and more} is now a grown-up venture. Alisha tells us that she just finished working on a house in Goa where people loved the decoupage she created. She tells us that painting old furniture with delicate floral motifs or giving haggard old tables a thorough paint job is a way of extending their life without having to part with them prematurely. In fact, we’re sure it’s also the perfect way to marry her love for decor with the “no-wastage” philosophy she swears by.

    Her distinct vintage style apart, we love that her business is so low profile that she neither has a website nor a super enthusiastic marketing team that goes out spreading the word. She’s a one man army who dabbled in journalism and advertising before she forayed into upcycling. Today, she’s wholeheartedly into decor and gifting – and doing a pretty neat job of it. 

    All For A Cause

    If you’re not someone who has idle furniture lying at home, her services still might come in handy if you have a family function coming up and need customised, retro-looking invites. She even takes bulk orders for coasters, wall plaques and family collages that bring out her innate talent beautifully.

    Honestly, we’re all for re-using and upcycling even if it’s being done at a small scale. In Alisha’s case though, there’s additional reason: Her fees goes into giving her stray dogs a better life. She volunteers with PFA {People For Animals} and in her own words “I’ll do anything for animals. My heart belongs to them wherever I see them.”

    So, We're Saying...

    The decor starts at INR 1,000 and furniture from INR 4,000. If you want her to re-do your space, the charges vary depending on your brief and amount of work involved but will roughly be between INR 7,000-20,000. She takes on completely customised orders too. Have an idea for a family collage console table or even a travel souvenir desk? Give her a shout already.